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Kiratto Pri☆Chan Spawns Virtual Musical for 5th Anniversary

posted on by Ken Iikura-Gross
Kiratto Pri☆Chan characters come together for special performance

Although the first idol anime series was arguably 1983's Magical Angel Creamy Mami, it wasn't until the 2010s when the genre really took off with series and franchises like Love Live!, Pretty Rhythm, and Tsukiuta., among many others. With modern idol anime comes a lot of multi-media projects. One of those projects was the recent Kiratto Pri☆Chan virtual musical, titled Virtual Musical High School! Kiratto Pri☆Chan: Doki Doki Nyugaku no Sadame (Enrollment Destiny) and Mirai no Sadame (Future Destiny).

Image via Kiratto Pri☆Chan's Twitter account

The Kiratto Pri☆Chan musicals' X (formerly Twitter) account announced the virtual musical in early December 2023. The account noted that the musical would be split into two parts with the first part scheduled for February 10 and the second for March 9. A follow-up tweet revealed a crowdfunding campaign where fans could also “enroll” in the same high school as the characters from Kiratto Pri☆Chan was opened.

✨#プリチャンVミュ [Pri☆Chan V Mu]✨

The release date for the virtual musical High School! Kiratto Pri ☆ Chan has been decided✨

Saturday, February 10, 2024 Doki Doki ☆ Hajimari no Sadame [The Destiny of Admission]
Saturday, March 9, 2024 Kirakira ☆ Mirai no Sadame [Mirai's Destiny]

A luxurious and volume filled double feature will be delivered to you🌟


✨#プリチャンVミュ [Pri☆Chan V Mu]✨

"High School Entrance Project!" launched✨

A special project has started where you can enroll in the same high school ⁉ as Mirai and the others!

For details, please see the crowdfunding page starting on December 6🌟
※Course sales will start on December 9th (Saturday) at 19:00.


The crowdfunding campaign ran from December 9 to March 23. The campaign was started to fund other events related to the Kiratto Pri☆Chan virtual musical, which included a collaboration café, fan meeting, a special screening for fans, and the cast's appearance during the special screening. Fans who pledged to the campaign could also receive several different gifts at different pledge levels including:

  • Your name entered into the school register
  • Several digital student ID cards
  • message from the school's principal
  • A documentary video
  • Several different “enrollment” congratulatory messages
  • A leaflet and postcard with the school floor map
  • A commemoratory ball pen
  • A limited edition CD
  • Clear files
  • Pin badges

The crowdfunding campaign exceeded its initial goal of 10 million yen (about US$64,264.05) with a total of 32,126,572 yen (about US$206,458.36) from 1,294 backers.

During the crowdfunding campaign, the first and second episodes of the virtual musical dropped via the Zan-Live streaming service on February 10 and March 9, respectively. According to Zan-Life's website, ticket holders could also watch the archive stream on the Pretty Series Virtual Live YouTube channel. The first part was available between February 10-24 and the second part between March 9-23. While the archives' streams are no longer available on YouTube, there are a handful of digests and short videos for fans to enjoy.

✨#プリチャンVミュ [Pri☆Chan V Mu]✨

Today's event
"High School! Kiratto Puri ☆ Chan Doki Doki ☆ Hajimari no Sadame"
There are less than three hours left until the show starts…❣

Doors open at 18:30🌈

♪Official website♪
🎫Tickets on sale🎫
🎉Crowdfunding campaign underway🎉


✨#プリチャンVミュ [Pri☆Chan V Mu]✨

Today's event
"High School! Kiratto Puri ☆ Chan Doki Doki ☆ Mirai no Sadame"
Doors are now open❣

Flower stands will be lined up at the venue🌼
Have fun while you wait🌟

🥚Capsule Lottery🥚


A little bit about High School! Kiratto Pri☆Chan

According to the virtual musicals' website, the story follows the characters of Kiratto Pri☆Chan as they enter Sadame no Sono High School. In the first part, Hajimari no Sadame, the characters meet the ruler of the school, Sadame Ginga. Sadame tells them that the school's purpose is to heighten the power of Pri Chan idols to change fate, “Sadame Power.” In the second part, Mirai no Sadame, the characters are brought to a space colony to participate in the school culture festival, the Universal Sadamemorial Carnival. But lurking in the shadows, someone is watching the girls.

The two-part virtual musical features the following characters from Pri☆Chan:

Along with the returning cast, two new members appeared in the two-part virtual musical: Rico Sasaki as Dia Another and Rina Honnizumi as Sadame Ginga. There is also a special guest appearance by Suzuko Mimori as Ange Shiatori.

For a fifth year anniversary project, the Kiratto Pri☆Chan virtual musical was ambitious. Hopefully the café will come to fruition soon, as fans pledged to the crowdfunding campaign to see it come to life.

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